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ArvoTec Feeders

Feeding control system

The feeding control system of Arvo-Tec Oy combines feeding, measuring and alarms into the same system. The system automatically takes into account water temperature and oxygen level when it calculates the amount of feed required for each tank. Read more about our feeding control system.

Feeding robot

Arvo-Tec Oy’s production robot is a centralised feeding solution for indoor fish farms. One robot can handle the feeding of up to 240 tanks. More information our feeding robot.

Pipe feeding system

Our pipe feeding system is a centralised solution for large quantities of feed in sea, land and recirculation facilities.


The Arvo-Tec T Drum 2000 feeder works for feeding fry as well as further breeding. The holding capacity of the smallest version is one litre, running all the way up to 1,2 cubic metres for the largest. The Arvo-Tec T Drum 2000 feeder was designed for accuracy and simplicity making it easy to use. Read more about our feeders.

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