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Under Sink Filters

Ultra-filtration is a great way of filtering your water to remove any sediments while also improving the taste and odour. Our 3 stage system is the perfect solution for anyone wanting a basic level of filtration. It is a low maintenance system that consists of three filters making replacing the filters an easy and cheap process. Our other compact 5 stage filtration systems are perfect for anyone who needs a good multi-stage to provide a good level of water filtration but in a small compact form factor.

Ultra-filtration vs Reverse osmosis

A reverse osmosis system works by removing absolutely everything from the water through a process called de-ionising. This essentially makes the water “dead”. Then after that, it uses post-carbon and remineralising filters to put essentials items back into the water. Ultrafiltration, on the other hand, works by having multiple levels of filtration to remove/reduce as many bad items from the water as possible without de-ionising.