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Aquafilter HHBB10A 10″ Big Blue 2 Stage Filter system with 1″ports

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Please note this system is for 10" x 4.5" Large Diameter Filters

The Aquafilter HHBB10A 10" high efficiency in-line system Big Blue® type with metal platform, pressure gauges and connection adapters. Housing head is equipped with pressure relief valve and brass connection 1" BSP. Depending on water quality, system can be freely configurated using mechanical, carbon or specialty cartridges. Metal platform stabilizes the system.
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  • Technical Specification
  • Systems consist of Big Blue ® filter housings to meet all customer large-capacity filtration needs. The systems are dedicated for high flow, cold water on commercial and industrial applications. The housings are compatible with a 4 1/2” x 10" type cartridges widely available on the market. Filter housings consist of housing sump and filter head with 1" brass inlet/outlet inserts. Heads are equipped with a pressure relief valve (providing ability to release air bubbles collected during cartridge replacement procedure) and two pressure gauges (providing pressure drop monitoring). This configuration enables the measurement of the pressure drop at the inlet and outlet connections. In addition, brass inlet/outlet inserts enable damage-free installation of pressure relief valve and pressure gauge

  • Set include:
    HHBB10A system
    2 pressure gauges
    2 bacteriostatic centring rings

  • Housing sumps and filter heads: FH20Bx_L
    Pressure gauge and brass extension: KCGA-1 and KCGA-1-E2
    Centralizing and o-rings: NI-412-CENT-GR-AB and OR-N-1524X57
    Feed water connectors: FXCG1-B
    Wrench for filter: FXWR1BB-BL
    Installation instructions (English language)
    System dimensions (Height x Width x Length): 720 x 380 x 220 mm
    Cartridge dimensions (Height x Outer Diameter): 20 x 4 1/2 inches
    Operating temperature range (water): 2 - 45 °C (35 – 113 °F)
    Operating pressure: 6 bar (90 psi)
    100% factory-assembled, leak tested and ready for installation