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FIAP Electronic Feeders with Spreader

Original price £553.99 - Original price £722.99
Original price
£553.99 - £722.99
Current price £553.99

FIAP Electronic Feeder with Spreader is a professional automatic feeder, which facilitates perfectly controlled feeding in fish ponds and production plants. The option of setting ideal feeding times and respective breaks ensures fast and healthy fish growth. Unique FIAP Electronic Feeder is of premium, robust quality, and perfectly suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Its blockage-free charging screw is driven by a robust DC motor (low voltage) and controlled by FIAP proficontrol Control. An additional robust DC motor (low voltage) serves to control the spreader disk ofther feeder, and ensures the fodder to be spread in a radius ranging from 2 to 12 meters. FIAP Electronic Feeder with Spreader has been designed for pelletized fodder ranging from 1 – 10 mm. Feeding times and breaks are set by means of FIAP proficontrol Control. Each single FIAP Electronic Feeder with Spreader within this system can be set individually. FIAP Electronic Feeder with Spreader is available in 5 different versions.